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Yangon City & Café Hopping

Once you’ve seen Myanmar’s many, many alluring sights and ancient temples, you would probably start to feel exhaustion catching up to you. So instead of trying to cram as much as possible in your day-to-day itinerary, why not take a chill pill and explore the things Yangon city has to offer?

Café Hopping In Yangon City

Ideally, hipster cafés are the best spots to wind down or get your daily dose of caffeine in, regardless of the country you’re visiting. And Myanmar is no different in this regard.

Off the top of the list, Craft Café is a coffee house in the heart of the city which offers a homey affair and an equally delightful spread of dishes — with both a local or otherwise international flair.

For instance, Craft Café offers a whole host of familiar Southeast Asian dishes like Kaya toast, laksa, chicken rice, and soft-boiled eggs. Along with that, you should also expect the standard café fare like burgers and eggs benedict. As for their coffee menu, Craft’s coffee comes from locally sourced Myanmar beans, along with beans from its surrounding regions.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more authentic Burmese café with a pinch of international flair, Café Salween is where you want to visit during your trip to Yangon city. This particular café is a hit among locals and tourists alike, and it’s definitely easy to see why.

At the core of this café lies a Burmese-inspired eatery that has also successfully integrated European-style food into its menu — thus offering a harmonious fusion which meshes well with the palates of the locals and its international patrons. More specifically, you’ll find a wide variety of fusion cuisines here such as Kachin chicken pasta, Shan pasta, Laphet (tea leaf) chicken pasta, and more.

As far as choice of coffee offered by Café Salween, the coffee shop cum local restaurant serves an extensive menu ranging from the classic café offerings such as cappuccino, latte, piccolo latte, etc. Wheras, unique blends of coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Colombia, Indonesia, and even beans from the Shan Hills in eastern Myanmar round off a most impressive coffee menu.

After all the coffee, bagels, waffles, pasta, and generally stuffing yourself silly, perhaps you could even attempt to burn off some of those extra vacation calories by taking a slow stroll around the city centre.

It is here that you’ll find the 2,000-year old Sule Pagoda smack dab in the middle of downtown Yangon (trust us, you won’t miss it). The marvellous millennia-old structure is placed in an important spot in the city where contemporary life in Asia mixes in with the local Burmese politics, ideology, and tradition — creating a unique atmosphere you’ll only find here.

Also, you’ll find a lively and vibrant crowd congregating around the pagoda, with droves of colourful visitors exploring and searching for that all-important angle for a picture-perfect Instagram shot.

Golden Tour

Mingle Among Elite Golfers In Mega888’s Golden Tour Slot

Ready to be the next golfing maestro a la Tiger Woods? Participate in a world-class golf tournament without having to get out of the comfort of your abode with the Mega888 slot title, Golden Tour.

Developed by Playtech and available on the ever-popular Mega888 platform, Golden Tour is a video slot which is placed in the premise of a golf tournament setting. This indeed makes for some rather original gameplay, without taking into account that there are plenty of winning possibilities in the game regardless of your degree of familiarity with the sport.

Curious and wanting to join in on the fun in the Mega888 download? Strap yourselves in and get ready to win big!

A Mega888 World-Class Golf Tournament

When it comes to renowned slot games, this Mega888 offering doesn’t exactly fit the mould. Instead, the slot comes off as rather low-key, especially when it comes to its graphics and in-game environment. Don’t expect some mind-blowing animations here, as the game is as simple and straightforward as it gets. 

As such, the exclusive Mega888 slot title does look a lot like a typical screen from a golf game — with gently rolling hills and a few idle players focusing on the game in the background. And while the graphics are quite basic, they’ll certainly do the trick if you’re only looking for a simple golf-themed game.

But that’s where the plainness of the game ends, as the myriad of prizes will entice golfing fans and non-fans alike to play.

Aim For The Hole-In-One Here In This Mega888 Slot Game

At the heart of it all, this Mega888 slot is a simple game which applies the most basic rules that many different slot games share. Subsequently, it won’t be too hard to get the hang of things after you first touch the screen.

Mega888’s Golden Tour is a 5-reel, 5-payline slot, for which your goal is to ensure that the winning symbols land accurately on these paylines to trigger a bigger cash payout. 

And speaking of huge payouts, betting more on the reels will obviously lead to a larger cash prize down the line — the bet max button is a feature that comes to mind when you get the urge to go all-in on your next spin. And if you’re planning to aim for the largest prize, don’t hesitate to activate the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot to get a chance to land on this ever-increasing prize pool at any given moment during your game.

Get Your Golfing Gear Ready To Conquer This Slot On Mega888

Unsurprisingly, Golden Tour is centred around everything golf-related, with plenty of symbols and icons to choose from to create a multitude of winning combinations across the reels.

Here, the most common icons are gold shoes, cup, flags, clubs, and the golf cart. To win, you’ll have to line up at least 2 identical symbols which will award you with 5 to 250 coins, depending on the symbol.  

For something more rewarding, shoot for the red and blue gold balls. They’re more elusive and rare but also much more valuable compared to the common symbols. If you’re fortunate enough to land on them, you’ll be rewarded with 500 to 1,000 coins. 

On top of all of this, there are also more ways to win big here. Look no further than the unique symbols found in the game — of which there are two: the wild and scatter symbols.

  • Golden Ball: Acting as a wild card in this game, this symbol can be used to replace any other golf ball symbols. Best of all, you may even use the wild to create a lineup of winning combinations worth up to 2,000 coins!
  • Gopher: Scoring 3 of this scatter symbol will trigger a bonus game wherein you may put your golfing skills to the test. Aim carefully and hit the golf ball, your bonus cash reward depends on it.
  • Duck: Similarly, getting 3 of this scatter symbol will also trigger the aforementioned bonus game.
  • Fish: The last of the game’s scatter symbol, the icon offers similar rewards and bonus game rounds as the other 2 scatter symbols. 

Furthermore, in this Mega888 game, you will also gain a win multiplier depending on the number of scatters found.

The Natural Splendour On The Great Ocean Road

Ah, yes. This is one of the main events on your journey across Melbourne’s most scenic land-based coastal route — the Great Ocean Road.

And while its name is no longer a true representation of its current facade, the Twelve Apostles is still by far one of the most popular attractions on the Great Ocean Road.

The (Formerly) Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles were limestone stacks numbering in, well, 12 that was formed by millennia of erosion due to the surrounding ocean waves. 

The towering monoliths rose from the depths of the ocean, and in combination created a stunning silhouette along the coast of Victoria. However, the “apostles” have been reduced in numbers over the years as erosion coupled with the harsh weather has caused some to collapse.

Only about eight or so of the stone monoliths remain today. And with the others having succumbed to the wrath of Mother Nature over the years, isn’t it high time you pay a visit to this iconic detour on the Great Ocean Road? 

That, or risk losing the chance to visit the marvellous rock formations forever — it’s your choice. 

Dolphin Reef

Mega888 Online Slot — Dolphin Reef

Fancy diving into the depths of the ocean to hunt sunken treasures? Now you can! Say hello to Dolphin Reef — a 5-reel online slot found on the popular Mega888 platform.

While swimming amongst the vivid, colourful reef, you’ll get to observe a myriad of dolphins (obviously), turtles, clownfish, sea horse, starfish and more! As well, you’ll be paid handsomely for spotting and landing on their tile, depending on your luck of course.

Other than that, there’s also a sunken treasure feature where you may obtain specific bonuses which includes a Wild Bonus, a Scatter Bonus, Free Games, and a Re-Spin Feature. 

But don’t worry about not being connected to the Internet in the vast expanse of the ocean, as this game — like every other offering on Mega888 — offers amazing mobile connectivity which allows you to hunt for underwater treasure using your smartphones, tablets, and even PCs! 

Swimming With The Dolphins On Mega888

Everyone knows swimming with dolphins is a one-of-a-kind experience — and this slot offering by Mega888 whisks you away (or rather, underwater) to the bottom of the sea where you may bear witness to a long list of wonderful sea critters. 

But don’t forget about the hidden treasures while you’re down there.

Sunken Treasures In This Mega888 Gaming Title

Of all the symbols available for you to win in Dolphin Reef, the floating letters and numbers would be the most common. These winning paylines will reward you between 5 to 250 times your initial bet for landing on 3-5 matching symbols.

But this game is well-known for its underwater theme and its the sea creatures here that will pay out more. For 500 times your stake, scoring five seahorses or starfish would be your goal. Whereas five turtles will award an astounding 1,000 times your bet.

Though, the most rewarding icon here is the clownfish. If you’re really, really, really fortunate, netting five of them will reward you with 5,000 times your stake. But talking is certainly easy. After all, didn’t Pixar make a whole movie out of finding a particular clownfish?

Now you may be wondering, “For a slot title called Dolphin Reef, there’s no mention of any dolphins so far.” Hold your (sea)horses, we’ll get to them now.

In this nautical-themed slot on Mega888, the dolphins are considered the Wild symbols. These seemingly mythical (in the game) sea mammals only appear on reels 2 and 4. If you happen to score one of them, they may be used as a substitute for all other symbols except for the Scattered Treasure Chest symbols. And if you DO score dolphins on reels 2 and 4 at the same time, the event will trigger the Re-Spin feature where, as its name implies, the reels will be spun again up to five times.

Indeed, with a range of excellent underwater creatures, plenty of lines and bet options, coupled with a multitude of payouts and bonuses, this Mega888 online slot game should be riding the wave of success for the foreseeable future.

Kyoto In A Nutshell

Oft heralded as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is a country that has managed to hold tightly onto its deeply ingrained roots as a culturally rich nation. 

What makes Japan so special?

The country is the epicentre of a universally-beloved culture which includes the likes of manga, anime, and classical Japanese films. Plus, the catchy tunes from J-pop’s heyday and the certainly not-to-be-missed cuisine of Japan then round off a truly well-beloved culture.

Kyoto City — Cultural Heart of Japan

With all the goings-on in uber-modern Japan, the oriental island nation is still somewhat able to maintain a tight grip on its traditional cultural identity without straying too much from the advancement of technology. And there’s really nowhere in Japan which epitomises traditional Japanese culture than in the country’s cultural capital of Kyoto

While other more modern cities in Japan offer a range of contemporary experiences, Kyoto sticks to the basics. Think numerous classical Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, gardens, imperial palaces, and peaceful albeit quiet neighbourhoods lined with traditional Japanese wooden house and you’ve got a clear idea of what Kyoto entails. 

Oh, and not to forget the bountiful food spots Kyoto has to offer!

Indeed, Kyoto is definitely a wonderful destination to visit regardless of the time of year. However, there’s actually the perfect time to visit this idyllic city in Japan — spring or fall. During this time you’ll be able to avoid the harsher weather of winter and summer, while also skipping the massive crowds.

If you’re particularly fortunate, you may even bear witness to Kyoto’s blooming season. Similarly, the fall season also ushers in flashes of hues comprising the colours of red, orange, and yellow from the maple trees that the city has come to be known for. All in all, the picturesque scenery perfectly meshes well with every bit of the warm-coloured facade of Kyoto’s many famous temples.

The Adorable Bonus Bear Slots On Mega888

Winnie The Pooh. Paddington Bear. Kumamon. Yogi. Ted.

These are among some of the most well-known (and adorable) bear characters to have been featured in the media. Okay, so Ted may not be THAT cute (rather than that, he’s crude) but the point stands. 

Without a doubt, bears can be cute, especially when they’re in the form of an animated character, a film character, or in the form of a plush — anything other than the real-life animal coming at you in the wild.

Now you may enjoy the adorable fiasco of bears in the form of an online slot game entitled Bonus Bears. If you love the fluffy animal beary, beary much, then this is the game for you. 

About Bonus Bears — One Of The Cutest Slot Titles In Existence

At the heart of it all, Bonus Bears is a 5-reel game with 25 paylines which has adopted the wildlife theme magnificently. Developed by popular online gaming software developer Playtech, the increasingly well-received game is now available on Mega888 in Malaysia.

The slot game revolves around the simple life of a bear living in the wilderness. Bonus Bears features various rewarding symbols including a grizzly bear (of course), a female park ranger, a picnic basket, a honey bee, jars of honey, a beehive, and a skunk. That’s where the wilderness theme stops though, as the other symbols in the game also include card suites in the form of A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

Setting aside the colours, fonts, and vibrant graphics, Bonus Bears is quite the appealing slot game solely for the fact that the interface is easy to use. The Spin and Auto Play feature proves exactly that.

Playing Bonus Bears On Mega888

Like most other slot titles, Bonus Bears has a minimum bet of 0.01 credits and a maximum of 0.50 per credit. And while it may sound like a slog for the high-rollers to spend huge amounts of money on, the max bet a player may make in the game could amount to at least $125 if they were to bet on all 25 paylines.

The gameplay of Bonus Bears is simple and the animations are fairly impressive, which makes this one a must-try in our books. And if you’re fortunate enough, you could take home 5,000 coins worth of the jackpot from the game!

Bonus Features Of Bonus Bears

Not only is Bonus Bears a simple yet addictive game, but it’s also rewarding to boot!

The game comes with several beneficial bonus features including free spins and massive multipliers. Bonus Bears also come with wilds which are represented by the bear symbol itself. The bear symbol may be used to replace any other symbols in the game, with the exception of the beehive. Similarly, the beehive acts as the scatter symbol which triggers the multiplier, as well as the Honey and free games feature.

Speaking of honey, the Honey feature is a bonus round which allows players to win free credits easily. The feature is triggered when you score at least three beehives anywhere on the reels. The objective of the bonus round is then to find as many honey pots as possible. This can be achieved by choosing one of the five trees for which the bear will climb up the chosen one. The more pots that the bear finds, the more free credits you get. It’s literally as simple as that. And the Honey feature may even be triggered during the free spins.

As for the free games, the feature is triggered when the wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 after a round of spinning. Free games can be earned (up to 15 free games) by triggering and retriggering this feature. The best part about the free games rounds is that wins are 3x your bet. Talk about an attractive reward!

A Merry Good Time At Pontocho Alley

Are you feeling a tad hangry and lethargic after an entire day of exploring and gallivanting around Kyoto? 

If you’re in the Kamogawa River area, it might be wise for you to head to Pontocho Alley to recharge yourself by dining, drinking, and being merry through the night.

Revel In The Classical Japanese Charm of Pontocho Alley

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of dining options from inexpensive Yakitori stalls to extravagant fine dining options. Also, Pontocho’s narrow cobblestone alley provides an atmospheric dining experience you’ll hardly find anywhere else in Japan.

And a special highlight during the hot summer months is when many of these restaurants build temporary terraces towering over the Kamogawa River, where patrons may dine out in the open air.

Also known as Kawayuka, this particular dining experience was first developed as a way to avoid the summer heat. Indeed, enjoying the cooling effects from the flowing water below whilst taking in the lively summer atmosphere does sound like an excellent dining experience.

If you’re a fan of Yakitori, you should definitely try out Pontocho Yasohachi Yakitori — an establishment with over 20 years experience in serving a wide range of the traditional (charcoal-grilled) meat skewer dish.

How To Download Mega888 For The Malaysian Market

Thinking about starting an ever-lucrative career as a professional gambler? Think you have what it takes to excel in slots? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a meaningful albeit profitable way of passing the time?

Look no further than the always-popular Mega888 — an app and platform for you to spend innumerable time in trying to master the art of the slot game. 

But first, here’s a short introduction.

About Mega888 — Live Casino & Slot Game Provider In Malaysia

Online casinos are definitely a big deal nowadays, particularly in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore. A majority of gamers have started the migration to the virtual realm mainly due to the ease of access that online casinos provide. This is in line with the fact that online casinos are a mirror of their physical counterparts — with the caveat of allowing you to easily gain access to your account and play any game, anywhere, and at any time.

In short, online casinos are easy, convenient, and well-received by a majority of the Malaysian gaming community.

And at the top of this (online casino) mountain sits Mega888 — a platform which boasts a gaming catalogue consisting of a massive range of diverse titles, along with a decently sized span of winning options. Best of all, this online casino app is readily available for download for all Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktop. As an app, you can also be sure that Mega888 may be easily downloaded and set up — don’t worry, we’ll get to the how-tos of setting up Mega888 in the following section. 

Indeed, Mega888 is an ever-expanding, fast-growing virtual casino that is steadily winning the hearts of players around Malaysia and the world at large.

In this piece, you’ll be given information on how to download, register, and how to log in to your account on Mega888.

How To Download Mega888 APK On Android And iOS

Mega888 is certainly the perfect online casino and slot game platform with a vast catalogue of games to play that don’t require any complex methods to download. Here’s how to get your Mega888 journey started. 

First, you’ll need to download the Mega888 client on your platform of choice — either on Android, iOS, or desktop. The app APKs for Mega888 may be found here. Click on the download option which corresponds best to your preference, then wait for the download to begin. You may then transfer the APK file to your phone (if you downloaded the file using a computer) to start the installation process. 

However, if you’re downloading the APK file directly to your mobile devices, you will be prompted to approve the “Install from external source” option. Simply click on it and the download will begin. It’s that simple. 

And if you’re downloading Mega888 on Android, do remember to enable “Unknown Sources” from the Accounts and Security tab in your phone’s Settings. Alternatively, if you’re an Apple user, the App Store Package, along with the archive file may be used to easily download Mega888.

If you’re looking to play on PC instead, good news! 

You’ll be able to download Mega888 for your desktop by utilising emulators. For instance, you will have to install an emulator and open it (e.g. NOX Player) on your PC first. Then switch to the browser to head to the site (that we’ve linked above) to download the Mega888 APK. Once there, simply follow the aforementioned steps to download, and voila, you’ve successfully set up Mega888 on your PC.

When you download Mega888, rest assured that all your details and information are always safe and secured. So don’t worry, have fun!

Why Play On Mega888?

The answer is rather straightforward.

For Malaysians, having fun is most vital when it comes to playing games online. That, in addition to earning massive winnings, of course. And Mega888 provides exactly all of that and more.

Through Mega888, you’ll get the opportunity to play a multitude of great games like Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Ocean King, and a lot more! More particularly, you’ll gain access to more than 30 of Mega888’s exclusive slot games, as well as more than 10 live table casino games including baccarat, poker, blackjack, and more. 

But if you’re looking for a casual fun time without actually committing cold, hard cash, Mega888 also offers a demo account for you to test your skills before investing actual money. You may obtain a demo account by contacting the Mega888 team. Plus, look for some promotional offers that are organised from time to time so that you may win some extra cash.  

Mega888, One Of The Safest Online Casino Platform Out There

Mega888 is most definitely a safe virtual/online casino. The platform caters mostly to the SEA region including countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand — which goes to show that it already has a loyal player base in place. 

Safe to say, Mega888 is a secure online casino platform where your credentials are well-protected by all means. Mega888 is also completely legal and authorized, wherein the entirety of its catalogue has been given permission to operate online. In addition, their excellent customer service is always available for you to contact for any issues you may face while playing on the platform.  

Spend A Fun-Filled Weekend At One Of Malaysia’s Largest Water Theme Park

Splash The Stress Away At Sunway Lagoon

Malaysia isn’t a particularly cold country as it is home to a rather hot and humid tropical environment. You also won’t find many things that’ll get the adrenaline racing and hearts thumping — that is, nothing except the myriad of exciting theme parks that can be found here (there are a couple within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur alone).

And at the top of this proverbial theme park mountain is, of course, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Often described as one of the best water theme parks in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon is a favourite among both tourists and locals alike. The theme park boasts over 80 attractions to choose from, ranging from the slow-moving train rides to the exciting (and wet!) water slides, spread across an area of about 88 acres.

The park is divided into six adventure zones, each with different intensities and level of thrills. For instance, aquatic daredevil may look forward to the Water Park, whereas the adrenaline junkies can get their fix at the Amusement Park. Animal lovers will also feel at home at the Wildlife Park while horror fans will be scared silly at the Scream Park.

Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tromsø — The Real-Life Arendelle

Norway is a frigid country known for its awe-inspiring mountains, glaciers, and majestic coastal fjords. That being said, it is the classic Scandinavian culture that has attracted countless tourists, visitors, and culture explorers to the near-frozen continent where Norway lies. 

Norway is Winter Personified

Put aside from the major attractions of Oslo for a moment for located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle lies the port town of Tromsø — a wonderful destination on its own right. With a population of over 50,000, Tromsø is considered the northernmost town in the world.

Of course, Tromsø being in a state of never-ending winter means that it is also a town that has a Christmas and festive aura to it year-round. And during the months of December, the town comes alive with fairy-tale lighting blanketing most homes and buildings.

There are two main reasons for this festival of lights in the north.

In December, the polar night prevails and sunshine becomes scarce in this corner of the world. And it is for this reason that it is one of the best times to admire the Aurora Borealis. Secondly, well, it’s because of the Christmas season!

The locals here are always friendly and accommodating towards visitors. And colourful Christmas markets are the norm, usually. There are also music venues which play host to Christmas carols that figuratively brighten up the dark evenings.

All in all, the town of Tromsø is the perfect winter oasis for a fascinating Christmas retreat.